Tengu 高尾山英語ボランティアクラブTengu 高尾山英語ボランティアクラブ

TENGU. Takao-san English Volunteer Guide Club, Tengu : 高尾山英語ボランティアガイドクラブ



Thank you for your interest in TENGU’s Tour!
Since 2010, TENGU has been offering a free English guided tour of Mt. Takao to visitors from overseas.

Mt. Takao, elevation of 599 meters, is a popular mountain located within an hour from Shinjuku, the downtown of Tokyo. It has attracted many Japanese locals and foreign visitors with its unique history, rich variety of nature, interesting temple and various hiking trails, and become one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan. Mt. Takao has been recognized by Michelin's traveling guide with three stars and it has drawn over 2.5 million annual visitors.

Our members are locals of Hachioji area, and many of us are also working as volunteer Japanese guides for Mt. Takao as well. Though we may not be fluent in English as the licensed guides, we believe we have much knowledge, experiences and interesting stories about Mt. Takao to share with guests.

Please join us for our monthly tour or request a private tour.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Tengu 高尾山英語ボランティアクラブTengu 高尾山英語ボランティアクラブ
Tengu 高尾山英語ボランティアクラブTengu 高尾山英語ボランティアクラブ
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